We help non-profits expand their donor base and raise more money!

Donor Analytics & Data Enrichment

Our Donor Analytics & Data Enrichment Services help organizations maximize every Development opportunity. Our access to world-class data sources allows us to append incredibly useful information about donor household income, employer, and employer matching gift opportunities. Giving Spirit is even able to identify and provide lists of potential donors – not yet in your database – who are likely to have a higher propensity to give to your organization.

Peer to Peer Fundraising Tools

Our web-based software helps non-profits raise money and awareness via peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. Our clients have used Giving Spirit to power offline events like runs, walks, bike rides and bowl-a-thons as well as online-only virtual campaigns.

Since our software is fully web-based, there is nothing to install and no special technical requirements. The Giving Spirit team will guide you through everything you need to launch your online fundraising website! To learn more about our affordable and easy-to-use service, click "get started."

In this video, we'll see just how easy it is for a fundraising participant to manage their page and spread the word about your cause using e-mail and social media.

Digital Marketing

We provide our customers with access to world-class digital marketing experts who are able to help them spread the word about their programs, services, and funding needs. Giving Spirit customers are frequently able to take advantage to up to $10,000/month in free advertising dollars that are available to non-profit organizations.